Kobolds.Kobolds. Those yipping little monsters that lurk in dungeons and set traps for fresh-faced adventurers everywhere. If you’ve seen one clutch of kobolds, you’ve seen them all. What more could there be to the “little dragons”?

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World-renowned monstrous ethnographer Fora Tridira-Urzesh shows you in Encountering Kobolds, a lavishly illustrated and meticulously documented 80-page field guide detailing the biology, habitat and culture of these commonly encountered—but little understood—creatures. Learn about their family structure, see schematics for their frequently used traps, even learn how to keep from embarrassing yourself when speaking the Koboldic language: Drikig-Yisigs kirit-rainathij Sis kin Nokas!

Encountering Kobolds is a stat-free and setting-agnostic reference book written fully in character, making it the perfect world-enriching addition to any fantasy roleplaying game.

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